What Is Dissertation Approval: A Manual For Students

By the time you are through with your doctoral program and ready to graduate, you have to present evidence that you are able select, efficiently organize information and most importantly, apply the gathered knowledge. This evidence is represented by your dissertation. This brings us to the issue of dissertation approval and what it means. Dissertation approval is when a student’s dissertation is accepted by the committee after ascertaining that it meets all the requirements and format standards. For this reason, great care must be taken when writing a dissertation so that it receives the final approval by the committee.

In order for you to experience the joy of having your academic paper approved, it is important that you have an idea of how the process works. Contained in this article are guidelines toward getting your dissertation approved. They are as follows:

  • - Make sure that your materials are submitted early enough to the department. This way, the dean and chair would have enough time to get them reviewed and also reach the Division of Graduate Studies before the submission deadline.
  • - Work towards ensuring that the defence of your dissertation is fixed in the early part of the semester. This way, there is ample time for you to meet up with the requirements for your submission.
  • - To make things easier, get yourself a copy of any book that would help you towards preparing your dissertation.

With the first phase of your activities towards having your dissertation approved taken care of, it is then the committee’s turn to play their own role. It is then the duty of the committee’s chairperson to notify the committee members, Dean, chairperson of the department and every other appropriate people about the venue, date and time for your academic paper’s defence.

There will be a first and second submission but this does not mean that your dissertation has been approved. The committee involved will need time to read the academic paper, taking the format into consideration to confirm it is consistent with the stipulated guidelines. It is after the dissertation has been accepted by members of the committee that their signature would be appended on the approval page. With this done, your dissertation has been approved.

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