How To Do Research For A Doctoral Dissertation - A Complete Tutorial

When it comes to completing your doctoral dissertation, it is important to make sure that you know how to conduct the research. Here is a complete tutorial to help you understand how to conduct the research.

Start with general topics

You will want to start with a general topic. This will be the background information. The paper will always start out very broad and then narrow down to a specific study. You will have to come up with a topic to write about that is new. You want one that hasn’t been studied previously. It will give you the best base information.

Narrow them down

Once you have your topic that you want to study, you will start to narrow down the topic. Get articles that talk about more specific things relating to your topic. When you are doing a study, you will need to apply a concept you learned to a problem that exists. Find out how to create a specific study on these topics.

Use specific words

In the search engine, you can use parentheses around key phrases that you want to include in the search results. It can help you find the articles and journals that actually apply directly to your study.

Create an outline

If you create an outline, you can figure out exactly what information you need to look for to complete your paper. It will give you an idea of what articles you are aiming to consider talking about. The more you read, the more your outline will transform.

Keep a list of resources

Make sure that you keep a list of all of the resources that you use in one place. Write them out in the right format to make sure that you have the information for later on. You should also make sure to include the in-text citation at the beginning of each of the pages that you are taking notes on. You can even use index cards and write the citation information on one side of the card and the note on the other side. Index cards are helpful because you can line them up the way that you want to put them in the paper. Then if you move the quote to another section, you can just put the index cards in a different pile.