Top 22 Unique Master’s Dissertation Topics In Economics

Writing a master’s dissertation in economics is a tough enough project on its own, but it’s made even more difficult when you can’t come up with an original topic to conduct your study on. Here are 22 unique dissertation topics in economics you should consider using for your graduate research project:

  1. How do U.S. economics affect the global economy? Explain this relationship in times of depression and prosperity.
  2. How have French economic policies in the last decade affected the way the European Union has invested infrastructure?
  3. According to today’s U.S. economy, do the benefits of earning a college degree still outweigh the costs and burden on student loan borrowers?
  4. What would the effects to the national economy be if credit unions in the U.S. were to fall into a crisis similar to those of the large banks a decade ago?
  5. What was the reasoning behind the auto mobile bailout the U.S. federal government made on behalf of companies on the brink of disaster?
  6. How do companies’ contributions to political campaigns reach the international policies of a globalized economy?
  7. What are the long term benefits of providing financial support to third world nations in order to help them develop and become self-sustaining?
  8. Describe the reasons why war has become such a profitable business for private contractors who supply weapons and arms to nations.
  9. Has the global economic collapse of 2008 passed, or are people around the world still feeling its effects?
  10. What are the positive and negative impacts of governments spending to stimulate their economies in times of recession or stagnation?
  11. How effective are large-scale charities in solving the problems they proclaim to work for in terms of raising and spending funds?
  12. How does the economics of the European Union differ from those of the United States? How are the two entities’ economies similar?
  13. How has a global economy affected the way businesses invest internally versus internationally in order to maximize profit?
  14. Do you believe Keynesian economic theories are once again viable methods in dealing with today’s U.S. economy?
  15. Do you think there should be a time limit on the ownership of private property as a means to help keep prices affordable and shorten the societal financial gaps?
  16. How effective has NAFTA been in improving the socio-economic status and position of Mexico compared to that of the United States and Canada’s?
  17. Why are the costs of rebuilding a war torn nation not as attractive an investment in nations but supplying those countries with weapons is?
  18. What economic reasons make investing in new technologies to help curb environmental pollution a great idea?
  19. Provide a critical analysis of the economics of life and death in terms of the health care industry and population density.
  20. Discuss the role that first world nations have on improving environment situations in highly-polluted areas in the world?
  21. What are the long-term economic effects of an uneven distribution of resources amongst the richest countries and the poorest ones?
  22. How does the rising cost of quality health care affect national economic policies in the United States and how can stability be achieved?