How To Find Up-To-Date Topics For A Dissertation On Finance

There are numerous areas you can base your finance dissertation on. However, the best topics are unique, relevant and fresh. This makes good topics difficult to find unless you are looking in the right places. What are the best places to look for finance topics?

News Items

Business news items highlight the daily activities in finance and other business related sectors. They are an excellent source of fresh ideas on a relevant and updated topic in finance. You may need to follow the story longer to better understand the developments.

Research Recommendations

Researchers give recommendations on areas that should be studied further. Read the latest journals or research papers to get the recommendations. These recommendations will give you an idea for your paper in finance.

Previous Works

You are likely to have worked on a finance paper in the past but did not have the resources, time or mandate to expound on your ideas. This is a perfect opportunity to do that. At this level, you will have more time, resources and are allowed to probe issues at a greater length.

Consult Your Supervisor

Your supervisor and committee are tasked with assisting you through the writing process. Part of the assistance involves the choice of a topic. Your supervisor also understands your strengths and weaknesses. He is in a better position to assist in choosing a topic.

Follow Your Passion

There is this area in finance which you feel has not received adequate attention. This is your opportunity to shine light on the area. Passion will make it easy to research and compile the dissertation. It also comes with insight that makes your paper compelling.

Here are excellent up-to-date finance dissertation topics to consider:

  1. 1. Will microfinance model kill the banks
  2. 2. What is the value of collective investment?
  3. 3. Internet banking in the wake of cyber attacks
  4. 4. The value of public-private partnerships in financing huge projects
  5. 5. The place of access to credit and other financial services in national development
  6. 6. A comparative study of financial innovation in Asia and US
  7. 7. Financial viability of service based ideas as opposed to product based ideas
  8. 8. Increasing efficiency in financial transactions at the till
  9. 9. The place of credit in boosting agricultural production
  10. 10. How has commercial banking evolved and what has been lost in the process?
  11. 11. Are finances in emerging markets cheaper?
  12. 12. What impact has foreign direct investment on the economies of developing countries or emerging markets?