Where To Look For An Undergraduate Dissertation Contents Page Example

For many it may seem like a minor matter that the actual presentation of your dissertation is almost as important as the contents. You will spend a great deal of time weighing up the choice of topic and then a far greater amount of time doing the research and writing and editing of your work. But its appearance, the way it looks is a significant aspect of your education activity. If you want the best possible marks for your dissertation you will not only have to write well but you also have to present it well. Finding excellent examples of your proposed work is a great learning tool.

And a significant part of the presentation involves the table of contents page. You can find a number of websites which explain to you the importance of the layout. This involves many things including double spacing between entries, using capital letters and word placement of certain terms such as table of contents, ensuring that every heading and subheading in your actual dissertation is represented in your table of contents and that the alignment of numbers in your TOC are spot on. It’s a bit fiddly but it is more than important.

You want excellent examples

So knowing what your table of contents page for your dissertation needs to have, your next task is to find examples where the writer of the dissertation has done exactly as required. Certainly there will be samples within your educational institutions library and these are easy to access. Always make sure that you have a list beside you of the requirements of the TOC. Then if you look at the example you're able to tick off each of the relevant points. Are they present and correct?

Of course access to any number of dissertations online can arguably be the best way for you to find excellent examples. It might help you to look for dissertations which are in the same subject area or even topic area so that the examples you are looking at all relate directly to what you are to produce. This is a perfect example where copying the style and format is not only legal it is actually advisable. To ensure that you produce a table of contents for your dissertation that is correct in every way, find outstanding examples, study and copy them.