Picking Up Great Dissertation Topics Related To Drama Translation

Drama translation requires the highest possible translation skills and the deepest knowledge of the theory of translation. That’s why while choosing a dissertation topic on this discipline it’s easy to get puzzled by the variety of related issues. In case it’s exactly the situation you find yourself in, try to apply some creative approaches to succeed.

Useful Guidelines on Choosing Your Dissertation Topic

  • Point out the main fields of your scientific interests.
  • First, compose a list of issues that seem the most interesting for you to study. Then make a brief survey on each of them to check if they are manageable enough to be used for a dissertation. Pick the best variant and if it’s too broad, select one specific aspect of the problem as your topic.

  • Find your topic in a process of research.
  • Another option is to start your research of the field of drama translation from any point and see where it may lead you. You will surely encounter a lot of interesting topics during this process.

  • Benefit from professional helpers’ aid.
  • Some professional writing resources offer such a service as generating an academic paper topic for you. If you feel unable to solve this problem by yourself for any reason, you can always benefit from their help and be sure that you will get a high-quality result. However, keep in mind that this option isn’t free.

  • Look for some free examples online.
  • Many students and scholars upload their academic works online so you can search for some free samples with related topics for inspiration. The only thing you must remember is that these examples serve just to stimulate your own creative abilities. Plagiarism can be easily found out and results in a total fail.

Top 12 Inspiring Ideas for Your Drama Translation Dissertation

  1. A connection between the text and the performance in drama translation.
  2. Main contemporary strategies used in drama translation.
  3. Key tools of style transfer.
  4. The most effective ways of dealing with dialects while translating dramas.
  5. A history of drama translation studies: main milestones.
  6. A problem of translator’s subjectivity and the ways of solving it in drama translation.
  7. A comparative analysis of drama translation techniques applied in different cultures.
  8. Main peculiarities of translating oriental dramas.
  9. Comparing the key features of a narration and a dialogue translation.
  10. The most influential translation theories applicable for drama translation studies.
  11. Can any machine translation tools be used for drama translation?
  12. A comparative analysis of various stylistic approaches in drama translation.