The 10 Most Interesting Dissertation Topics Related To Germany

Critical thinking is the best way to come up with topics on this subject. The ability to think deeper about any subject will give you more options. The more you know about the location and its background can give you all you need. There will always be something that even the most highly ranked expert will not know. These are the ingredients for a great paper. Keep in mind the amount of research material needed to complete an assignment of this size and importance. Here are the ten most interesting dissertation topics related to Germany.

  1. Choose any subject that has to do with the two world wars. There is so much to write on. There is the military. The total death and injured in these wars. The weather and its toll it had on the soldiers and machinery. The total destruction and the effects on the population.
  2. Stories of the Great Wall. The accounts of the individuals that were actually there. The emotions of the people and the effect it had on them. If you had to compare it to something in the United States could it bring it to a better understanding? Do Americans really understand the amount of diverse change it had on both sides of the wall? Can they grasp two sides of the continent becoming one? The stress on the government and economics.
  3. How the politics and people were put to the test time and time again. Living through all the death and destruction.
  4. The Holocaust and all the main people and places. How did the average German feel about that travesty? The interviews with actual survivors. The difference between first-hand account and books and movies.
  5. How much influence did J.F.K. have on the Germans coming together? How did the president feel about the whole situation?
  6. The past events and stories surrounding the castles and land of Germany. Where can you go to hear and see some of these spots? Where to look to find the oldest and well-known castles? Look up the oldest living people and their first-hand accounts of the land.
  7. The names and lives of the most brutal men in the Holocaust. How did they escape prosecution all this time?
  8. Living through the rebuilding of this land. Will they ever come close to being as strong as they once were?
  9. The organized crime in Germany. Was there too much freedom to just do as they pleased? Does anyone know for sure how strong the mafia is there?
  10. Oktoberfest, how big is the celebration become? How many different types of people take part in this celebration?

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