Dissertation Topics In Education: 20 Ideas To Consider

Writing your dissertation graduate project will be one of the most important documents you will ever write towards a degree in education. It’s a vast topic with plenty of ideas to explore. But instead of spending time trying to develop topics of your own, we’ve com e up with 20 great ideas to choose from:

  1. How effective is the current pre-school system in preparing children for the primary school? What are the adaptive challenges faced by children in transition?
  2. Should students in medical specialist areas lacking in professionals receive some kind of incentive to complete specialized programs?
  3. Provide a critical analysis of the Montessori learning method and its effectiveness in improving the pre-school system in the United States.
  4. Do you think universities and colleges should implement a mandatory of professors in areas that are seeing a growth of professionals?
  5. Will less expensive online universities eventually overtake traditional colleges and universities? What will be the reasons for this occurring or not occurring?
  6. Is a college or graduate school education worth the high cost? Is it better to consider an entrepreneurial career over an educational one?
  7. Should there be a great emphasis on entrepreneurship in university business management and administration programs?
  8. Are random searches damaging students’ trust in matters concerning their own safety and privacy? What are some alternatives?
  9. Do you think the system of “bussing” students to other less populated schools outside of their community is a good idea in building awareness for those communities?
  10. What are students doing today to supplement their learning in light of the decrease in the availability of resources? Does technology help supplement study?
  11. Are older and tenured professors at colleges and universities still capable of educating today’s students who are more inclined to rely on technology?
  12. Consider the amount of violent crimes that has made its way into public schools. Is teaching now considered a dangerous profession?
  13. What are the biggest financial challenges faced by students today who wish to pursue a higher education at a four-year college or university?
  14. How has the level of dedication in teaching changed over the last three decades as a result of lower wages and a dearth of available educational resources?
  15. Do you think higher education degrees should be spread out over longer periods in order to allow students to adjust to first and second year routines?
  16. Are there any clear or distinctive advantages that are gained by students who attend pre-school compared to students that do not go?
  17. How have teaching methods changed in the past two decades to accommodate for the decrease in availability of resources?
  18. Should schools make a greater effort in keeping the class size under a specific number to ensure the quality of education does not suffer?
  19. Do you think school districts should impose a limitation to principles’ tenure at schools? What if there was a rotational system?
  20. Do you think that students should receive extra time off per day as a reward for earning top grades in their classes?