List Of Unique Dissertation Topics Related To Theology

If you’re looking for a theology dissertation topic, the following ideas will help you to choose a unique subject for discussion.

  1. 1. Religion and philosophy.
  2. Philosophy has always questioned a religious faith and studied its pros and cons. You can also look at it philosophically. Scrutinize a statement that gods exist only in minds of their followers.

  3. 2. World religions.

    You can study either major religions or minor systems of beliefs such as paganism and Confucianism. Consider the following ideas:

    • - Eastern and Western religious faiths: differences in worldviews.
    • - The origins of Japanese religion and modern beliefs of the Japanese.
    • - Monotheism vs. polytheism.
  4. 3. Religion and history.
  5. Research how religions influenced the historical development of different cultures.

    • - Belief systems are created by those who are in power.
    • - Unresolved religious conflicts and their impact on cultures.
  6. 4. Religion and ethics.
  7. Religious ethics deals with the morality of religion, the way it determines people’s behavior and everyday lives.

    • - Can religion ethics justify wars?
    • - Ethical codes of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
  8. 5. Religion and politics.
    • - Should the state interfere into religious conflicts?
    • - Is it reasonable that politicians disguise their religious beliefs?
  9. 6. Religious architecture.
  10. Places of worship present a very interesting topic. They are not just unique buildings but also symbolic attributes of a faith. Study the aesthetics and the essence of religious architecture.

    • - Some religious buildings are the result of divine inspiration.
    • - Do religious buildings connect people with their God?
    • - Is a religious building the only place where people can be in front of the divine?
  11. 7. Religious myths and legends.
  12. Myths and legends are the integral part of early religions. They are stories with religious and moral aspects. Research the ways of their interpretation in your dissertation.

    • - Creation stories from Genesis and pagan sources.
    • - Greek mythology and religion.
  13. 8. Rituals and worship.
  14. People of different faiths honor their gods and deities through different rites and ceremonies. Scrutinize the origins and meaning of different rituals as well as the settings in which they are held.

    • - Is a couple recognized by God only after a church wedding ceremony?
    • - Religious rituals and customs can tell much about the culture of worshipers.
  15. 9. The role of religion in the contemporary world.
    • - Can the religion co-exist with the tendencies of the modern world?
    • - Which religion will be best fitted to the reality of the contemporary world?
  16. 10. Eschatology.
  17. Study a very interesting branch of theology concerned with the end of the world, life after death, and the survival of consciousness.