Crafting A History Dissertation Prospectus: Useful Instructions

Your dissertation is one of the most important projects that you will ever have to make. It will take months of hard work, but after that you will be ready to think about your career. When it comes to a subject like history, you have to put in consideration from the beginning the volume of work that you have to work with. When you think that you have everything figured out you have to create a prospectus and wish that your professors will accept it. Here are some tips that will help you:

  • - Be clear regarding the topic. Remember that once your professors accept the prospectus you will not be able to choose another topic or make major changes. Therefore you have to know exactly what you want to write about, as well as if you can find enough information about this subject. Otherwise you might discover later that you don’t have enough data to introduce in your composition.
  • - Write why you want to discuss about this particular issue. Was it a requirement of your professor? Do you think that this subject will actually make a difference? It is important to emphasize the effects of your dissertation and what are the benefits that it will bring. This will make your professors accept your ideas with ease.
  • - Give some details about the research methods that you are planning to use. You will be required to talk about how you are planning to gather the information and if you want to make any experiments. In this part, the more original you are the better. Professors see all the time students who only take their information from the Internet, so the fact that you come up with something new might bring you the result that you want.
  • - Present some pictures and videos while talking. Not many students do this because they don’t want to work too much before the dissertation itself. However, you have to keep in mind that the same professors will also correct your project so it’s a good idea to impress them from the very beginning. When you present a topic, put together a slide with pictures related to the subject and let them take a look. If possible you can even make a small video that will make them even more interested in this particular issue. Use your imagination and creativity.