3 Best Ways To Create A Decent Dissertation Proposal

When you are pursuing a graduate degree, you are required to write a dissertation but before doing that, you have to submit a proposal. This particular paper tells the committee what you will be doing, how you plan to go about and your method of interpreting the results. Should the committee decide that the proposed approach is achievable with potential good results, the proposal would then be approved. Now that you know the process it takes for a proposal to be approved, it would then be in your best interest to ensure that your proposal is well-written in order to increase your chances of having same approved without any troubles.

There are various methods or approaches towards creating a decent dissertation proposal and this article would discuss at least three of such approaches. They are as follows:

  • - Come Up With A Good Idea: This is the backbone of your proposal and subsequent academic paper. The moment you come up with a good idea, it takes little effort to draft it into a coherent paper. Should your search for a good idea stays within issues or topics you are familiar with, then you would surely come up with great ideas within a short period.
  • - Find Out As Much As Possible: Once you come up with a good idea, make sure to find and read as much as you can about the chosen topic or issue. Are there some important things about this issue that are yet to be known or understood? Can you device means of putting those puzzles together? If your answer to these questions is yes, then let this form your proposal. It would surely get approved, with the committee eagerly waiting for the outcome – your dissertation.
  • - Get Writing: In writing your proposal, start with paragraph by identifying the issue you wish to write about, pop the research question and conclude the paragraph by establishing the significance of the issue. Use a couple of paragraphs to tell the committee more about the issue or topic, from broader historical perspectives, including a list of publications to that effect. Using a sentence, give an overview of the author of each publication and his or her findings. The next couple of paragraphs cover your paper’s methodology and anticipated results.

With this approach, you would surely not experience any stress in writing and submitting a decent dissertation proposal as you get ready to prove you are qualified to be awarded the degree you worked hard for.