Dissertation Topics About Christianity: 20 Controversial Questions

Writing about Christianity is a great choice of topic, because it is something that has been debated about for centuries. There are many religions that were formed, all thanks to Christianity, and also there are some that oppose it. If you want to choose a great question for your dissertation, you can find some great resource by just reading articles about it or doing some research on the web.

No one will argue over the fact that writing a great dissertation on Christianity required great deal of knowledge on the subject. Here are a few topics that you might like to consider for your dissertation:

  1. Christianity as a religion of force, violence and war
  2. Big question that Christianity didn’t answer about everyday life
  3. History of Christianity and the influence it had on politics in major countries
  4. Right to choose our own religion and the pressure of society not to
  5. Debates about the secularization of religion and great examples in third world countries
  6. Controversial points in the Bible that make you rethink the influence Christianity had in modern society
  7. Best examples of Christian denominations that follow the Bible better that the major religions
  8. Clash between different kinds of Christianity and how big those differences really are
  9. Best examples of how other religions change Christianity for better over the centuries
  10. The history of the Bible and how some major changes were made in the name of clarification
  11. Most recognizable Christians of the modern world and how they changed the perception of the religion
  12. Literature and Cristian ideas: The greatest works of atheist that still incorporated religious ideas in their work
  13. Unlikely ideas that can be found in the Bible and other religious work of Cristian scholars
  14. Misinterpretation of the Cristian religion and the idea that were ripped from context and used in propagating evil
  15. Christianity and public relations: How to improve the public image of the deteriorating religion
  16. Interpretation of the Bible and denomination of Christianity
  17. Most difficult parts of the Bible to understand and a quick guide trough the main issues
  18. Deceitful religious concepts that were derived from Christian writings
  19. Famous people who lost their religion and why they decided to quit Christianity
  20. Reading between the lines of Bibles and how to truly understand the concept of Christianity

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