Writing A Dissertation Cover Page In A Proper Manner

Writing a dissertation can seen like a challenging task. This is because of the many details that one has to keep in mind. Nonetheless, you should not view it as a difficult thing to do. All you need to do is come up with a very interesting topic, conduct a literature review, do an extensive research, appropriately describe your findings, and finally format the paper properly. Every paper must always have all the necessary elements including a cover page. Some of the elements contained in a dissertation are:

  • - Cover page
  • - Abstract
  • - Index table
  • - Theoretical framework
  • - The research problem
  • - Methodology/procedures
  • - Literature review
  • - Timetable
  • - References
  • - Institutions review

A cover page is the first thing that greets your readers. Therefore, it is crucial to compose it perfectly. Remember that you will never get another opportunity to impress. For this reason, here are some tips that are effective at helping you write this part properly:

Consider Teacher Requirements and the Font

Most learning institutions have formal guidelines about the structure of essay. It is prudent to read through the requirements before starting to write. You must know to handle formatting, fonts and margin sizes. To be on the writing process, you must familiarize yourself with the requirements.

Start with the Title

The thesis title is always the first portion of a cover page. Because most if not works are usually stored electronically, students might need to use some keywords to retrieve them in an online search. Avoid Greek letters, abbreviations, or formulas since the library is not able to index them.

Academic and name credentials

Students need to put their name as well as any academic credentials. Generally, this name is similar to the one that appears on their diploma. Afterwards, a student ought to list their credentials in a certain format. Here are the items that must be vertically listed, starting at the top:

  • - Credential name
  • - Degree name
  • - Graduation date
  • - Institution which awarded the credential

In most institutions, listing academic credentials is usually optional.

Program and faculty name

The part that follows is writing which faculty shall be providing the degree. If uncertain which faculty to use, it is prudent to consult your academic adviser. Just below the faculty name, you should list your program name. The program name might be “Computer Science,” “Management Economics,” or “Economic History.”