Coming Up With Original Doctoral Dissertation Topics In Astronomy

To come up with a good topic for your doctoral dissertation, you need to think of useful knowledge that would be accepted as a paper. The topic could be computational, observational, or data mining but most certainly not based on theory. The topic based on astronomy should be an idea that you can express in the form of a statement. You should be able to gather evidence and data to back up your statement. It should be a topic that can logically be discussed in a group gathering.

Selection of an astronomy topic

When you are writing about astronomy it is important that your subject matter be current and possibly something that would be beneficial in the future. A good topic is something that you can develop on for the future. The original doctoral dissertation topic in astronomy needs to be explored finding proven facts that can be researched in the future. Existing research is usually one of the best topics to plan your paper around. Make sure the topic is meaningful and of interest to anyone who would be reading your paper. You will want to select a narrow, well-defined topic that will branch out in a new direction.

How to find the best topic

When it comes to finding a doctoral dissertation topic in astronomy, first find a broad subject and start reading about it to get all the information you need to narrow down to one specific topic. When you do, select your specific topic make sure that it will solve a real problem in astronomy. You want it to be a motivated piece of work so that you can sell your paper to others. If it is boring, then you will not get very far with the topic it should be very interesting to you and to your advisor. Take the advice of your advisor this will enable you to fine tune your topic to something worth writing about.


There are many original doctoral dissertation topics in astronomy, but the problem might arise where someone else has had the same idea. Do not despair if this happens instead look at what they have covered and fine tune your paper to cover facts that they have not considered. The main thing is to read materials about astronomy so that you can funnel it down to one particular topic. Then do research to find as many facts as possible on the subject. Then you will be able to create a great paper.