Dissertation Topics In Education Studies: 15 Great Examples

Earning an advanced degree in education is the only way to move up in the industry. With an advanced degree, administrative doors open up and pay increases. When adults decide to work on an advanced degree in education, they not only have to take several classes and earn a large number of credits, but they also have to write a dissertation about their chosen educational path. Creating a topic for a dissertation can be a challenge, so here are a few ideas featured on blog at ThesisRush.com:

  1. The problems with schools of choice and the need for personal curriculum
  2. What standardized testing is doing to the mental health of public school students
  3. The pressure to succeed in the classroom: stress and the public school teacher
  4. Gender-mixed classes and social issues today
  5. The difference between the ways that boys learn and girls learn in an elementary reading class
  6. Why students who participate in athletics perform better academically than students who do not
  7. What is the right amount of parental involvement for successful high school students
  8. The dangers of helicopter parenting at the collegiate level
  9. The end of special education as we know it
  10. Community tragedies and the stresses on teachers
  11. The best methods for teaching migrant students
  12. What does school spirit look like today?
  13. Every student has a personal issue: What does the effective teacher do to effectively teach them all?
  14. New teacher training. What do the newest recruits need to know to succeed?
  15. What will public education look like in 10 years?

The topics relating to education are as vast as the students who are in public school today. School administrators and master teachers need to know how to work with the different students they encounter. They have to work with parents, the media, and the community. They have to understand the laws and the ever-changing funding methods. They also have to maintain their own personal sanity in a world that disrespects education.

The difficulty with choosing a topic is that the topic could be timely one minute and not the next. Those who are working on an advanced degree and dissertation need to be wise when picking a topic so that topic remains appropriate throughout the entire process. Focusing on students and their needs is usually always important, even for those who are not planning to be in the classroom after graduation.

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