A List Of Unique Dissertation Topics To Related Nazi Germany

Information about something so horrific should always be taught. That is so it is never forgotten. There are still not enough people that truly realize what really happened while the Nazi’s committed genocide to a race of people. The scary thing about that is there were people of all races making money off the Jewish deaths. If you talked to people, 9 out of 10 would say they knew what went down and how terrible it was. Most of them really knew nothing about what went down and who were involved. Would it shock you to know there were American’s involved. This article will give a list of unique topics related to Nazi Germany

  1. First and foremost is greed. Unless you live under a rock you know what greed does to people. It causes family to kill family. So doing it to a race you do not know or understand is very viable. What went through the person’s mind that took any part of the horrific ordeal?
  2. What was the cost for the Germans that did not take part of this act? Were they treated like just another Jew? Why was there so much hate for this race of human being?
  3. Did the ranking officers think they would be rich beyond belief? Was their attitude of being superior wind up being their downfall? How did a man with no real military background get so far? How did he scare a population into doing such treacherous things?
  4. What type of leader would force young children to hate and sacrifice their lives for the cause? Being a mental case hurt or help the Germans follow their leader?
  5. Where did all the money and jewelry go once it was taken from the people? How much nerve did it take the few who had the power to save the small number of Jewish people? Did those Germans ever feel afraid or ashamed that made them try to save who they could?

Hitler was a man born under a man who was a florist if I am not mistaken. He just took his crazy thoughts and built an army that thought were the supreme beings. He just had all the right answers to people who wanted more at any cost. That more came with a total destruction of another race of people. He had no regrets down to the end.

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