Doctoral Dissertation Help: 8 Good Suggestions

Why Dissertation Is So Important?

Dissertation is the single most exciting as well as demanding factor in your PhD phase. What knowledge you have acquired throughout your course and how well you are cut-out for the professional world - a dissertation dictates that. Before you embark upon the journey- you need to sit back, ponder and chalk out an elaborate plan on how you will go ahead.

Choosing a Topic- The Most Significant Part

Finding out the topic of your dissertation can change the course of your essay. But before submitting the actual one, you need to present a proposal. The best way to choose the ideal theme would be to consult your advisor/guide. Find out what issues in your area you find most interesting. You may go through the previous dissertation papers to list down some gaps, and from there, you topic idea can be germinated. Understanding your favorite methodologies as well as writing style will also guide you.

8 Suggestions to Sail You Through:

  1. 1. There is a marked difference between how a pure science student and a social science student approaches doctoral dissertation. But in both the cases, writing daily is of utmost importance-even if you write a short paragraph or just only one page.
  2. 2. Creating a time-table is crucial. You can consult with your advisor on setting realistic goals about how to break down the chapters.
  3. 3. Build a support group with other students in your core area, who are also into writing dissertation. In this way, not only you can encourage one another but also you may foster a healthy comparison inside your group.
  4. 4. If you want, you may seek the help of writing tutorial service that your university offers. Through it, you can get a clear guideline or obtain useful tips.
  5. 5. Lay your hands upon all the resources that your university has to offer. Apart from enriched libraries, many universities has support group to assist students with writing projects and facing stress as well as writer’s block.
  6. 6. Create a healthy and conducive atmosphere while you are writing. Everything from turning off your TV to keeping your mobile phone on silent mode fall under that.
  7. 7. Proof-reading, revising and peer-review are three important parts of your journey. Take help from your support groups whenever you feel that you are stuck into revising the chapters or not sure whether your essay is up to the mark.
  8. 8. Form a healthy bond with your advisor. He/she is the one who should act as the anchor and must not be avoided, even if you miss deadlines.

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