10 Solid Ideas For Creating An Undergraduate Dissertation

It is difficult to choose a topic for your dissertation, especially when you are an undergraduate student. Part of the difficulty of choosing a topic is due to the age and the fact that it is the first time you are writing such a paper, but part of it is due to the large amount of subjects you are learning and you can not decide which subject to choose. This article offers 10 ideas how to write your first dissertation.

This is quite a long piece of writing - therefore, it requires special attention. Besides, you develop extra skills such as independent working, select problems and find solutions to problems, interpret findings, give arguments, collect data and select them by relevance, present arguments, cite sources, and much more soft skills than you can think of. In order to help you on the path of developing your undergraduate dissertation, we offer you 10 ideas.

  1. 1. Talk with your peers to get an idea what to write.
  2. 2. Research on the Internet.
  3. 3. Go to your library and go through papers available there.
  4. 4. Before writing it, do an outline of the whole paper, listing relevant data and how everything would look like in short. You don’t have to write whole sentences, it is only an outline, so mention the keywords only.
  5. 5. Plan what kind of methods you are going to use in order to support the thesis statement and the data.
  6. 6. Try to make timetable in order to avoid missing the deadline. When you follow a timetable you have to stick to the plan without exceptions or you will face difficulties in catching up with the project later.
  7. 7. When you are doing a research, try to write down the name of the book, site, paper together with the author, the pages where you found the relevant information, in order to be able to find it again later and to write it down in the reference list.
  8. 8. When you are writing the paper, bear in mind that you have to prove that you can think critically and you can deduct opinion based on data.
  9. 9. You should address your tutor whenever you need help. Do not spare him, it is his job to advice you. Even when you can not think of a topic, ask him for suggestions and he will come up with several. Don’t be afraid to ask.
  10. 10. Remember that the conclusion is only a summary of what you said before in short and you have to paraphrase the thesis statement.

Don’t forget that you need time to write a dissertation, so take your time and good luck.