Gothic Literature Dissertation Ideas: 24 Fresh Suggestions

The history of Gothic literature dates back to 18th century England. As a literary student, you should expect to write a dissertation on this genre of literature. The major setting for scenes as depicted in Gothic literature are Victorian style huge mansions. The themes of these novels are usually supernatural and scary events through which the authors try to show the readers some problems as it has to do with the society. If you are yet to come up with a topic for your paper, listed below are some ideas that would make great topics. They are:

  1. The symbolism of haunted mansions in the works of Wallace

  2. The Gothic work of Edmundson – What the symbolism of haunted houses

  3. Vampire bites – What are its significance?

  4. A reflection of domestic relationships during the Victorian time period

  5. The symbolism of female vampire characters in Dracula

  6. Understanding what monsters signify in The Hound of the Baskervilles

  7. The Victorian period authors and their view of science

  8. The many ways in which the Victorian period societal problems are exhibited in Gothic themed novels
  9. Edgar Poe’s work, the dark style - Analyzing its impact on modern literature

  10. The Dracula – The Victorian period attitude as it relates to sexuality and its impact on the literary figure

  11. In what ways was the representation of sexuality exhibited in Dracula and Carmilla?

  12. Gothic literature – The importance of incorporating ghosts, vampires, monsters and other dark characters as part of the elements

  13. Analyzing the differences between horror literature and Gothic literature

  14. Analyzing authors’ use of complex characters in Gothic literature

  15. Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Poe – What makes them different?

  16. Edgar Poe’s short stories – Their relationship with Southern Gothic works

  17. Mentally sick characters in Gothic literature – Their significance in revealing societal problems

  18. Tim Burton’s works – A reflection of societal fears

  19. Analysis of modern literature that can be likened to Gothic literature

  20. The 20th century and Gothic culture – Its impact on modern films, music, and literature

  21. The use of supernatural themes in Victorian time novels – Why authors embraced the idea

  22. Are Victorian period problems effectively captured in Gothic literature?

  23. Dracula – The many reasons why it remains the most popular horror character

  24. Victorian period – The best period of horror literature

With adequate researches carried out and enough information gathered, any of the topics above can surely make a great Gothic literature dissertation. Go ahead and pick a topic that would help you towards obtaining an excellent academic degree.