15 Suggested Doctoral Dissertation Ideas Worth Writing About

If you want 15 suggested doctoral dissertation ideas worth writing about, consider the ideas below but remember that these are only meant as a guide, something intended to aid you in your search for a suitable idea:

  1. 1. Write about the use of advertising by pharmaceutical drug companies urging people during their television viewing to contact someone about symptoms they do not necessarily have. Review this from an ethical standpoint, one that emphasis how suggestive advertising causes more people to believe they are suffering even when they are not, and the use of this by pharmaceutical companies who profit from people believing they have such illness is unethical.
  2. 2. Review the lack of health education in schools, especially healthy food and body image education. Explore whether this has detrimental effects on eating habits for the long term, contributing to the high rate of obesity in places such as America.
  3. 3. Explore the rise of permaculture around the world, especially in first world countries and how the modern community garden is replacing the previous fad of going eco-friendly with household fixtures and cars. But here focus on the difference that is raised in a community garden versus other environmentally ideas, specifically that of how people who have low emission light bulbs statistically leave their lights on more than they would and those with gas saving cars drive more than they would have before, but those who share in a community garden do not consume more than they should.
  4. 4. Consider reviewing the impact that a particular author has had on a social idea or theory.
  5. 5. Explore the construction of modern cities in previously unpopulated regions and how they are attracting sustainable growth.
  6. 6. Explore the relation between modern architecture and culture, and how certain buildings in Paris are cause for cultural uproar by locals.
  7. 7. Consider writing about new corporate models of leadership
  8. 8. You might write about the impact that certain technology has on small to medium sized businesses
  9. 9. You could write about child education or autism
  10. 10. You might want to review the impact of a particular model of management
  11. 11. You can review current marketing habits
  12. 12. You can explore leadership in terrorism
  13. 13. You might consider causes of immigration and current integration problems
  14. 14. You could always review violence in certain neighborhoods
  15. 15.Finally, you can look into modern treasure hunting laws and international waters